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MANUFACTURING & testing facilities

MCR GROUP, INC is an internationally recognized manufacturing company of high technology products with over 25 years experience. Their 165,000 square foot factory located in China houses state-of-the-art development and testing equipment and experienced, multi-discipline engineers that exceed in the design and manufacturing of the highest quality products.

As an ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturing company, MCR adheres to stringent control procedures, material inspection, manufacturing processes as well as administrative and sales services. Its product line offering includes audio, video, multi-media, cable & satellite television digital splitters, amplifiers, filters and telecommunication products. Highlights of their services include tool and die injection, molding product prototyping and testing production, tooling and machining plastic and metal components and GMP compliant practice value added assemblies and custom tooling.

MCR works very closely with all of their clients to ensure that they fully understand their customer’s application and technical requirements. This allows them to provide the most cost effective design improvement solutions that yield prompt product deliveries and complete customer satisfaction. Their goal is to provide value-added design to reduce customers supply chains, lead times and costs.

MCR GROUP, INC will make your idea a reality.

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